Why I believe in style

First off, there’s a lot about our era’s emphasis on fashion and appearance that I don’t like.  It’s disturbing to me that all over the globe, young women are radically altering their appearance to fit someone else’s standard of beauty (plastic surgery in Korea, skin “whitening” creams in Africa, etc.).

That’s because I believe we, women and men, each carry, with us our personal sense of self and style.  Some of us seem to be born with it exhibiting our preferences early on. I remember my daughter at 3 or 4 emphatic about what she wanted to wear.  Others of us have to wade through a lot of external messages, “should” and “should nots” before we get to ourselves.  But it is always possible.

What’s interesting to me is how we, as in we in the US, equate style with snobbery and dressing up with being rigid or somehow being uncomfortable.  And so we’ve adopted a uniformity: blue jeans, sweatshirt or sweater, sneakers, as though we don’t care at all how we look. If you have traveled at all it is quickly apparent that even in the poorest countries women (and men) take care with their appearance in a way that doesn’t show in the U.S. That a woman may own only three saris is irrelevant, she is still wearing something with attention and pride. She stands out.   No matter how fancy pants your blue jeans are, they still look like blue jeans. And you look like every other jeans wearing blond on the street.

Is it trivial to care how you look? I remember getting a bit of grief from some friends of mine during the height of feminism for dressing up for a job interview at a local battered women’s shelter.  It was not trivial to me.  How I looked for that job interview related to how I felt about myself and my confidence.  I did get hired but had I not, it would have said more about the shelter than about my abilities.

When (not if) you find your personal style, you are suddenly comfortable in your own skin. You know how to chose what looks good on your or even experiment wearing things that you might not ordinarily wear….that you might think don’t look so great – but do.  So what if blue jeans and sneaks are it for you?  I’m going to encourage you to get beyond it, try something different. Have you always liked wearing pants?  Are you in the least bit intrigued by another era’s clothing?  Try something new.

Why do I believe in style?  Because it’s about who you really are in the great costume shop of life.


Hard to believe I went through a period of wearing only black!  I’m not sure where I got the component pieces of this outfit.  I think from my sisters. Shoes were purchased and DIY earrings.

DIY earrings

DIY earrings


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