The month is moving on and I’ve been engaged in writing a poem a day since April 1. Here’s one I wrote recently.

Keep right except to pass

I am very confused
Walking and driving should be done
On there right side of the lane.
That is if you live not in England,
Australia, New Zealand, Japan,
Pakistan, India or those places
that were “when Britannia ruled the waves.”

My sidewalks should be filled
with the norm of right-sided pedestrians
The cars do the same with everyday
convention, there’s no argument there.
But on the pavement set aside
for people, there is massed confusion.

Where once the commonplace
Was to “walk right, pass left” there is
A mess, a muddle of perambulators
On both sides of me, some quick
Some slow, but many in my lane.

Where did the tidy queueing go?
How is it that no more in rows
my fellow walkers have to feint
when approach is head to head.

Thank God we are not clothed in steel
like the driving autos. Such erratic style
would mean the injury of many.

So hold my hand, let’s venture forth
Keep to the right for what its worth.

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