It’s Spring…and a woman’s fancy turns to shoes (with a side of poetry)

Feeling seriously overextended. Writing for two blogs currently, keeping up with a poem a day for National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), co-captaining an important fundraiser/celebration, and then there’s my day job.

So with all this on my mind, my post today is on the whimsical side. Shoes.  In the space of three weeks I acquired three pairs of shoes. Not that I was looking for these mind you, they just sauntered into my life.

Pair 1, the purple beauties that have turned up in posts several times, purchased somewhat impulsively at a local thrift shop.

purple shoes

Pair 2, brown dress shoes, gratefully received from a friend who couldn’t wear them.

brown shoes

and  Pair 3, purchased (on sale mind you), oxblood booties.  These are an important replacement for a pair of similar shoes I had years ago. They were dark blue suede,  in a monkstrap style and I wore them til they could be worn no more.  Hopefully these will hold up as well.


It seems somewhat frivolous to start and end with shoes so I’ll leave you with something a bit more substantial.  Dick is a wonderful poet who is part of my April poetry writing group.  Hope you enjoy it.

Life’s Rules

Rule One        Harm none
Rule Two        See it through
Rule Three     The other’s me
Rule Four       Respect the poor
Rule Five        Strive
Rule Six          Accept the mix
Rule Seven    Get over heaven
Rule Eight      Don’t wait
Rule Nine       Nothing’s mine
Rule Ten        Begin again

Dick Lewis