Although I will keep writing beyond this (I’ve signed up to take a poetry writing class ye gods!).  A bit of whimsy then.

I have a case
Of writing blues
This fine April day
Wish I could chose
My words more carefully
But I’m in a hurry
Have other things
(that) Need attending to.

When I wake up
Tomorrow morn it’s
To the fields I’ll dance
The dawn
There’ll be no room for poetry
Although with luck
The day itself will be.

So hale and hearty fellows met
Through days of words we’ve
Plodded, blest.
The month is o’er
now put to rest.
To Mayday morn!
We toast

I’ll be dancing the sun up at 5:59 am tomorrow morning.  And washing my face in the morning dew.  Happy spring to you.