Flexibility…or maybe I should title this post anti-rigidity. I am enjoying a beautiful May afternoon contemplating my personal inability to “let it be”.

I like to think I AM flexible, bend with the wind, go with the change.  I strive for this I know that not everything goes according to plan especially when dealing with humans.  They mess up, I mess up.  They demand change, so do I.  The weather turns cloudy and you must bring out your umbrellas. The caterer doesn’t show up on time and when she does the food is stone cold so you need to swing into action and adapt so that sixty hungry dancers get fed.  People don’t read their emails, don’t open attachments, weren’t around for the long discussions about lunch location or table seating.

The plans you do make, cause the gods to laugh.

For everyday you map out exactly, another day (or two or so) get trashed the moment you get out of bed.
You would think that alone would give me the mindset to stay mentally and emotionally limber. Ah but no.

So what I am grateful for, on the beautiful May Day afternoon, is the flexibility that came my way today, not so much by me but by other people. My fellow dancers who coped with innumerable changes of who was dancing what; Jayme and other friends who swung into action when the caterer was late; my event co-conspirator Linda who is always cheerful in the face of  all manner of requests;  my husband who manages a well placed hug or kiss when I’m going especially sideways.  My friend Sally who occasionally snarks out which helps me believe she is human and not totally perfect.

It’s a winding path to humility and humanity.  I’m on it. and I have help.

Save me from my ineptitude
from my own growing sense of
lack of will, from my mounting
clumsiness – the impending doom
of dreams revised into nightmares.
The flexibility I need is running
away from home.

Semper Gumi must be my mantra
If I expect to see beyond a certain spectra

My Mayday outfit replete with hat

My Mayday outfit replete with hat