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Not that I’m really blue, as in depressed. But blue as in dressed.


You would think that having finished my big event project I would be basking with time on my hands. No such luck For some reason this week seems busier than ever. And then there are those things that take too much time (like this blog post!) because I still haven’t mastered some things. For instance, why do my photos flip?

This is a long-time, fave dress that reminds me of a school uniform, easy to wear linen/cotton blend, I think a hand-me-over from my sisters.  The shoes are ancient….. I admired them on a college friend many, many years ago and she gave them to me. A little wedge and a great color.  The hat from http://elizabethrohloff.com/  which I also bought years ago.

Linking up a little late with Patty at Not Dead Yet Style  http://notdeadyetstyle.com/

More, less mundane thoughts later.