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My friend Jayme is a fabulous dresser. She favors black and looks sleek and put together in almost anything she wears. She’s learned from experience what looks good on her and what doesn’t and sticks with it.  Wearing this outfit, yesterday, I had realized I had inadvertently put together an ode to Jayme because most of this outfit is due to her!


 The black vest was an article of clothing I had admired on her and she turned me on to a French designer, Sunlight-Paris and got me hooked up with a more local outlet (local being relative) through Get Dressed 2 (http://www.getdressed2.com/).  This was a new purchase for me and way above my usual budget but I love these vest-y kinds of things and find them flattering.

Next, at a clothes swap, I got this fabulous blouse (there’s also a skirt somewhere) from, of course, Jayme.


Finally, the skirt. Another Sunlight-Paris creation, this time, Jayme found it on ebay and asked me if I wanted it and then, because I don’t have an account, made the purchase for me for which I gladly reimbursed.  So this one was new to me, but re-sold, and closer to my typical new-clothes budget.

With the vest unzipped for a better look at skirt and blouse.

With the vest unzipped for a better look at skirt and blouse.

The red shoes reappear. The hat is vintage, with a label from Nicholas Ungar, a local Portland fur shop. It’s velvet which isn’t really right for the weather we’re having but I thought it fit the outfit.

I’m having trouble getting used to posing for this shots. My son’s been helping me out by taking them but honestly, how do you get used it to?  But that’s for another post.