Wouldn’t you know it. The day I want to inaugurate something new my camera batteries die and I’m too pressed for time to do anything but use my phone.  Consequently photos have been shot  rather impressionistically.

white jacket2

But here goes. I wanted to start a regular feature called “Back of the Closet” for all those things in the back waiting patiently to be worn — the idea of it is to be participatory but I haven’t quite figured out how to do the nifty link-up things I enjoy on other sites.  Perhaps when my grading is done, sigh.  But feel free to post a comment and a photo. I think you can do that in the comments.


I’ve pulled out a wonderful fitted white linen dress I got hand-me-down from one of my sisters. They used to shop at a place in Chicago called “Wear it in Good Health” which they adored and is now, sadly, defunct.  The jacket  I think I thrifted as well as the shoes. Which unfortunately I can’t actually wear today since I”m doing a lot of walking.  Earrings were my daughter’s and the necklace is a “sun scoop”  that was given to me for a past birthday.

whiteheelsSo come on, find something in the back of your closet and celebrate your hidden treasures.