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Score one for local resale shop.  My mom likes to shop at what she calls ‘the nurses’ — it’s a charity shop for a local nurses aid association  http://www.communitynurse.org/carouselshop/about-us-what-we-sell/  and I often find a number of good bargains there.  Today my mom and I did a quick trip and among the other treasures I found this hat.


IMG_4007It’s a navy straw hat with a Cass of California label. From a little bit of internet digging, I suspect it’s a 1950’s vintage.  I could see it as a travel hat or a church hat. It cost me all of $4.00! I just went through some of my mom’s costume jewelry and aim to add some vintage adornment.


IMG_4004Don’t know if you can see the cute earrings in either post but they are lovely blue flowers.  I’m trying to get a close-up although it’s a bit fuzzy.


The earrings were my daughter’s but I liked them so much she let me keep them.


Hmmm, it’s another blue themed Monday. But this time I’ll be joining up soon with Judith at Stylecrone.com for the monthly Hat Attack.  If you are a hat person, and even if you’re not, Judith is the master of expressive style.