My good friend’s son lives in New York and has been visiting this past week. At a 4th of July party, he regaled us with the story of a unruly dog who was legitimately “off leash” but obviously not under control. It was a good story and I spun it into something fun I hope.  Please note, I like dogs, just not so fond of unreasonable dog owners.

Central Park

Brash Central Park summer
all in a line for Shakespeare in the Park.

Dogs run free before 9 am
Humans gleeful for their pets
ignore their worst effects.

Beware the bold dog
and her submissive “master”.
That dog’ll snatch your bagel
faster than you can catch her.

Beware the sly dog
with his hangdown look
your sandwich will be gone
before you know who’s the crook.

Be advised you’ll get no help
from their oblivious humans
“my dog’s a person too, you know”
shouts the well-groomed woman.

Ill prepared to be the alpha
or perhaps determined that
her dog’s always cute, “she never bites”
except when mistress is sidetracked.

New York’s brindled summer, when the air is full
dogs run free before 9 am
humans must be wary until then.