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I have had an eventful week complete with a solid session of poetry/writing discussion and review as well as some unsettling news.  In trying to process all of this I’ve been writing in a bit more serious vein.  I’m not generally an overly optimistic person (the Pollyanna gene is crossed out by the worry gene) but realize that a positive attitude will serve me better in the long run in facing some upcoming challenges.

My writing group session allowed me to voice some questions I’ve had about the nature of universality in writing and whether getting educated and “trained” is a good thing or not.  Mostly I worry that understanding the rules that someone has come up with about poetry and writing could actually undermine one’s nature as an artist.  Someone (critics, academicians, other “star” writers/poets/artist) decides what is good and that fashion is then imposed on anyone who wants to be a “real” poet/writer/artist.  Alexander Pope set the tone for his age that was totally overturned by the Romantics (Wordsworth et.al.)  Each age has it’s fashions, fads and stars.

I seem to find my way to poems through my dreams.  I had one posted here but because I’m submitting it to a poetry journal I had to take it off.  Oh well. If it’s not published, back on it goes!

Well next week I’ll be doing something completely different, attending a music camp and perhaps learning to play washboard of all things. There will be witnesses but I’m not sure there will be photos.

Have a great weekend.


PS Feel free to tell me what  you think.  I’d love to hear people’s perspectives on writing/creativity.