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I’m preparing, or rather will be preparing for my trip to Poland with my parents.  That actual trip commences next Sunday! but I’ll be leaving Wed. for Chicago – my “buffer zone” to the actual travel during which I may be helping my parents organize and get ready. It hit me today that I better get packed or at least organized tomorrow since when I’m in Chicago I won’t have any of my regular things at my disposal.

I have to admit to some trepidation about the trip, traveling with two mid-80 year olds. Although I’ve been to Europe a number of times, and even went to Poland in 1980, I have not traveled trans-continentally with my parents ever.  It’s giving me pause.  In the meantime, or at least for the next two + days, I have work commitments, meetings, and what have you. Enough to distract me.

Instead of packing or organizing today, I spent more than a few hours cleaning out my refrigerator (boring) and meeting with a few follow poets to review our poems.  We added a new member, someone I’ve known for sometime who organized our online National Poetry Writing Month group.  We spent three hours going over three poems each, three hours well spent in getting and giving feedback.  I’ll be enrolling in another writing class when I return from my travels, this one focused on “forms” of poetry.



Next post will be somewhere on my peregrinations. Til then.