A map of Poland is spread out on the dining room table of the sweet mountain house in Zakopane where we are currently staying. We are in the gorale (or highland) region of Poland where my mother’s family is from having planned this trip mostly for her.

My dad is looking for Bialystock the biggest city near my paternal grandmother’s home of Uscionek. Bialystock is on the other side of the country, mostly north and a bit east. Much too far to get to on this relatively short trip to Poland.

My dad was disappointed which surprised me a little. As I mentioned in my earlier post, he had not been keen on coming to begin with. In the planning stage, I had asked him there was anything he wanted to see or do, try to find where his dad was from or perhaps visit where his mom was from. I didn’t expect either to be very feasible given the southern Poland focus but was willing to give it a go with enough notice. His response at the time was underwhelming. I went ahead with the planning, wondering if he would change his mind when we got here.

Right on that account I guess.

Between the teenager and the octogenarian, the mood can be downright cranky. Yesterday held the stress of driving and trying to find our accomodations. The GPS was worthless as there was a major detour as a result of new bridge construction. As the rain poured down we tried to decipher directions on the phone from a not strong English speaker. Failing that, the locals, with no English, tried to help us, one finally resorting to getting into one of the cars and directing us. As the crow flies, we were close. On the road, it was significantly more complicated.

The place is lovely and that is the plus side. There are considerable minuses though. Because its up a hill, it is basically unwalkable for may parents requiring that we take a car into town. There is not internet access, something I either failed to see in the initial booking on Booking.com or wasn’t clearly laid out there. While I don’t mind this too much, we’ve been relying on the web for localized information. Finally, and most disconcertingly, we had a balance to be paid, in cash! Again confusing information from Booking.com.

Zakopane itself is lovely.  But I”m just now getting this post up being back in Krakow.  I’ve got a backlog so I’ll be posting a bit more ambitiously.