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Best news yet: sweetie is on the road to recovery.

Bittersweet: summer is over. Officially at 7:29 pm PDT. After some scorching days and weeks, there’s a bit of something different in the air.  Dew is coming heavy on in the mornings and the spiders are out in busy spinning.

So I’m playing around with the last wisps of summer in a gauzy silk blouse and pink suede skirt. It’s still hot here, but I know the chill is coming.prettyinpinkSkirt and blouse purchased thrifting in Chicago. Shoes are new! I bought this lovely White Mountain shoes online thanks to a tip from my friend Audrey as travel shoes.  They held up fine and comfortably on the cobbles of Krakow.

Pink impressionsFor some reason my outdoor shots looked washed out. The indoor photos have an vague, impressionistic air (some would say blurry). I think I’ve got the word part of blogging down, but the pictures. Still working on it.

Linking with Patti at Visible Monday: http://notdeadyetstyle.com/  Hey I got ruffled too!