First off, it’s Hat Attack day, thanks to Judith at Style Crone (http://www.stylecrone.com) who is sporting an adorable chapeau as usual.  As October bloomed clear today I put on a rather summer-like outfit to breath in the last gasps of warmish weather before the cold rains of winter rain down upon us.

eaten by trees

I can celebrate a lot on this first of October. My sweetheart  has been given a clean bill of health from his surgery — no additional treatment needed. My dad apparently just needs to be drinking more water! Which hopefully will right some of the cognitive issues he’s been having.  And I’ve had two creative possibilities open up in my life.  So after all the sturm and drang of my late summer I think things may be looking up.

Today’s outfit is mostly brought to you buy clothes swaps.  The skirt is the latest find from a swap hosted by my friend Susan on Sunday.

SunnydayShe managed to cram about a dozen women and their cast-offs in a 300 square foot room. But we had a great time and I came away with a couple of choice things like this 100% silk skirt.  The shoes are my first pair of Fluevogs adored by some of the bloggers I admire – purchased on sale I might add.


The hat was purchased new, made by an artisan/friend Elizabeth Rohloff http://elizabethrohloff.com/. Except for those things (and of course my unmentionables), everything else old is new again.

I’m heading up to Timberline Lodge with my sweetheart to celebrate an important anniversary.  But I’ll be thinking on things to write while relaxing at the lodge.