Day of Intentions
Jan 1, the day of intentions, found my family bound for the beach. The eldest child joined the younger in celebrating the holidays at home and both declared a preference for a beach trip which is how we ended up at the lovely vacation spot of some friends, about a 2 hour drive west from home.

New Year's sunset

New Year’s sunset

The holidays have been a whirlwind albeit occasionally low key.  David and I were in this year’s production of the Christmas Revels, a theatrical celebration of the winter solstice liberally laced with songs and hymns, poetry, drama and dance. This year Revels bumped right over Hanukkah and up until Christmas Eve.

Between socializing, when my extraverted side gets quite a work out, we as a family tend toward quieter pursuits which suits me just fine. I’m sure there’s some kind of ideal ratio, which I should figure out someday, but bottom line I MUST have some quietude to recharge.

So I am in reflective mood surrounded by my family and the distant boom of the sea.

What then did I learn this year that could be of use to others, that is not just “navel gazing”.

*If you do something every single day, it becomes a (good) habit that you miss when you’re not doing it.  Like brushing twice a day. Or writing for at least 10 minutes no matter what.

*Sometimes you just have to lay your cards on the table.  So what if someone steals them, or stalls them.  There will be other deals. Maybe better ones.

*Worry gives you wrinkles and little else to show for the effort.

*It’s never too late, or too early, to admire and acknowledge those you love.

*Relationships take work (duh) — even friendships can take work.  How much I want to put in to them relates to how much I care about the people involved.  I’m still working out how to be me while honoring and caring for the “thou”.  This is incredibly complicated because I underestimate how much power I might wield in a relationship – at least with some people.
I’m still working out my intentions which unlike resolutions, are things I intend to accomplish during the new year. I’ll package these up into a letter to myself that I staple to the December page of the calendar.  When next year rolls around, I can see how I did and remind myself of the valuable learning, doing, and reflecting in the course of twelve months around the sun.

One thing I know I intend to do, and have a pretty good chance of follow-up, is to connect with Judith’s Hat Attack at Style Crone. This month, I’m giving play to this lovely number I acquired at a clothes swap that features lovely iridescent green/black feathers.

A good new year to all.


Hat atttach Jan