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For a fairly extended period of time I wore black. Nothing but black.  Kind of like the fashionable New Yorkers you see at Fashion Week – color exploding all around them and they are dressed, as usual, in black.  I looked good in black and it was an easy wardrobe accommodation.  Even today my closet is about 1/3 in black clothing.

I’m not sure what changed. Perhaps the closet gleanings of my two sisters who were more expansive in that way. (One of my sisters is an artist and she is absolutely into color). Whatever it was, I got nudged bit by bit beyond the color comfort zone and now even occasionally buy things in shades of the rainbow.

three colorful gals

three colorful gals

My friend who is doc, set a date with me to do some shopping I guess in part to help her push out of her comfort zone.  I set out mapping a couple of places for clothes and Nordstrom for a bit of shoe/boot shopping.  We had a few hours and started with a local Goodwill. I don’t know about your cities/towns but our Goodwill seem to merchandise according to their location.  This one features designer labels and at least double the price of my own neighborhood store.  Cyndi found a few things she liked (somewhat within her regular scope). Meanwhile, I kept pulling things for her to try on that were, perhaps, pushing her comfort zone.

I wish I had taken pictures. I even got her try on a yellow top (“yellow is definitely not my color”) that didn’t work but so what. We might have found the yellow she could wear.  She ended up with two whole new outfits and a stunning boiled wool coat (wish it had fit me!) Not to mention boots which she told me she never wears but would like to try.

So as I’m always looking for life’s lessons, I took heart in her willingness, her enthusiasm really to try things on. To move herself from the rut of the “usual” to take a chance on the out of the ordinary.  She’s a beautiful woman with a great figure and it was fun to find the “new” that could suit her.

I’ve been trying on all kinds of new things in this first month of the year. New ways of writing, new stories, new approaches to teaching.  Sometimes scary but as long as I don’t piss too many people off what’s the worst that could happen? Getting outside the rut we groove into our lives can mean a laborious climb out of the muck.  And it can mean finally being able to look at the whole sky.

Hey, maybe I’ll start wearing pants again!


Although I wasn’t shopping, I found a few things  to try on as well –


Giving rise to this blue girl look



Also check out this BuzzFeed article on women who are really pushing the envelope in fashion including my favorite, the Style Crone at Styling Women (and no I don’t Instragram but these women are fabulous).