I so wanted to find a whimsical hat in my collection today, the first day of February and a Hat Attack day courtesy of The Style Crone. 

Alas, it’s practicality today as it’s a Sunday and the day I get my grocery shopping out of the way first thing. Which requires me to roll out of bed, throw on any old thing and get going before the store gets crowded.  So I’m looking, well if not dowdy than something short of chic.  But hats, hats always provide a touch especially if it’s something beyond a baseball cap.

That hat I threw on for shopping, this plaid number

whimsical hat 1

may look familiar to anyone who read my post on failure (Failure is Possible). This next hat was also featured in that post and reminds me of a crown. When I came home and did photos I decided this hat was perhaps a bit more “whimsical”

hat 2

But what is this “rabbit rabbit” thing as a post title?

When my husband and I were first dating, he told me a story, superstition in a way, about saying “rabbit rabbit” as the first thing you do on the first day of the month. It’s supposed to bring you luck. I don’t know where it originated, or why. It’s origins seem lost in the mists of time as some would say.  Even Wikipedia is remarkably uninformative.  For us, it’s a remnant of our dating years, when we would learn new and occasionally off beat things about each other.  And saying it, especially to him, reminds me of the whimsy he brings into my life still.

Heading over to Judith’s to share a Hat Attack. Hope I look as beautiful as she does when I grow up.