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February I know for some of you has been the longest month. My mid-month trip to Chicago reminded me that winter can stretch and on and on.

The maritime Pacific Northwest, where I live, well that’s another story. We’re actually experiencing a record snow drought which is critical since the winter snow-pack sets us up for having enough water through the rest of the year. The hoped for snow and rain of February has not arrived, and if we don’t get some good stormy weather this spring, well it could be a very parched summers.  I’m not going to wade into the climate change debates here but our weather has been very, very wacky.

Unlikely as it is that we don at 100 ft will get snow, I’m hanging up pretty much all of my winter gear.  I’d love to have a hat like this


which is my sister’s courtesy of her in-laws. I think it’s Mongolian and she’s been scheming on how to replicate it in recycled felted wool sweaters and repurposed fur collars. I thought about smuggling it home in my suitcase but she still needs it whereas I am basking in shoots and flowers.


Everygreen clematis


flowering plum

flowering plum



I’m musing on a lot including this post from Crystal at Dressed her days vintage about blogging in general, the potential of a kind of imperialism in language, and how to write a good story.  I’ve fallen off the wagon with my writing “practice”  — perhaps it’s a touch of spring fever. Or perhaps I’m incubating some really fabulous posts.  We shall see.

Heading over to Judith and Style Crone later this weekend for this month’s hat attack.