Spring green and other lovely colors are blooming all over.  The flowering plum  behind me is just some of what is bursting forth. Gone is the greyed overlay on the world.  And yet,  here I am, back in the basic color scheme that was a staple for me for many, many years.

Black, white, and greys.  And except for the tights, undies and jewelry, entirely thrifted.  My husband elected this combination over a more serious black skirt…said it was more interesting (in the unironic form of the word). So here’s to springing forward (don’t forget) and to occasionally embracing a black and white world.

Heading over to Patti’s for a good dose of Visible Monday. She definitely colors my world.


P.S. Just got wind of a new link-up via the stylista Maven Judith at Style Crone for shoes. Follow that at Shoe and Tell at Style Nudge.  Gonna show off these shoes, that you can see in the pix above. Love the heels.