My friend Anitra  has a secret sale she goes to  at a thrift shop in Portland I’ve never heard of. Every other Sat. this place has a 35¢ sale.  Boxes of clothing and other things are heaped on folding tables in a dimly lit basement. If you’re lucky, one of the fluorescent lights is nearby to illuminate the piles.  Otherwise you may find yourself trotting a piece over to better light to see what color it is. No matter though, each article, large or small,  is only 35¢ which is a pretty good price.

shirt detail

I found a couple of things including a wool sweater destined for shrinking and hat making, and this cute top. Paired with my ruched shirt and go-to shoes I’m ready for when the sun comes out. Throw on a jean jacket (or this red leather one) and I can head out into the cool evening.


The tree behind me has shed its soft pink flowers although it’s hard to tell.

We’re having an early spring. How about you?

spring shirt4


Joining the shoe tree at Style Nudge. Come hang with us.