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blue0I have been afflicted by an upper respiratory “thing” and concurrent malaise this past week. That’s meant that I’ve spent far too much time on the couch sleeping and far too little time being in our glorious spring weather. My writing has fallen off my daily plate. Projects are piling up. Yet sleep beckons.

I did have the fortune of stumbling on a friend’s facebook post that sent me to an interesting website (http://makesomething365.blogspot.com/) and from there to an idea – what if I committed to doing one creative thing a day – not necessarily the same thing or variations on a theme as many respondents to Get Unstuck do, but a creation of something. This dovetails nicely with April, National Poetry Writing Month and participating in writing a poem a day. Creating something from words. I was indeed writing (poems or other things) pretty much everyday til relatively recently. I don’t exactly know what happened to my practice but I know that I need to recommit to it, recommit to the creative muse whether it comes visually or otherwise.

What will I count toward my one creative thing a day:
• Poetry
• Blog posts
• Writing longer than 200 words (that might change)
• A particularly put together outfit
• Something I’ve made by hand
• A dance I’ve choreographed
• Flower arrangements

This should give me sufficient latitude to be inspired and create. I’ll officially begin April 1, but the photo of the outfit above is run-up to that launch date.

What about you? What might you do if you committed to one creative thing a day? I’d love to create a space for us to share.  Maybe that will be on my list for the next few weeks.