So in the past 4 days of creative challenge I have

a) written 3 poems
b) designed a “signature cocktail” for a fundraising event
c) planned a series of dishes for a pop-up dessert party


Drink research and development (and testing!)


The focus is on poems though, this being National Poetry Writing Month. My poem for today ran over two days beginning with inspiration last night from a Seder dinner I attended. It has turned into rather an epic so I will share only a few verses because I’m not totally happy (yet) with the rest:


The moon gloomed, veiled by clouds, last night
marks the time.
Passover, first night.

The first plague
the Nile turned to blood, the fishes gasping
to die in the iron grip of liquid. No parched throats
quenched. None spared the taste of death.
Let my people go.

The next,
the green unseemly sound
a thousand frogs, a million frogs
unleashed their scent and sound, streets
with a viscous spawn.
Let my people go.
The dusty land
turns, everywhere
this third unending day,
to nearly microscopic nits.
Bred parasites of  lice and fleas
take residence
beneath the skin of man and beast.
Let my people go.

The challenge of inspiration is to keep it going, to keep many balls in the air and bring some to completion lest they all splat flat on the pavement.

Wish me luck.