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Happy birthday to my “baby” sister who has inspired at least one of today’s poems and countless good memories.

Three sisters - the "baby" is wearing black

Three sisters – the “baby” is wearing black

In between my creative activity for the day (cooking! for a dessert pop-up) I managed to write her a poem and write two abecedarian poem, poems whose structure derives from the alphabet. Each word starts with the next alphabetical letter. Two of my cohorts in poetry (Lacey at http://writemylifeinpoems.blogspot.com/, and Dick Lewis) both produced graceful poems of this nature. I’m afraid mine may be more of a stumble than a lithe step.

Birthday wish
this year, like so many others
the minutes flew by
the seconds accumulated
so slowly and so quickly it was only
through the changing heights of your children
that you understood
you had grown older.
This day, you looked forward
saw another day like no other
saw another year the mystery of it
The unfamiliar waiting
for your next step
to awaken it.
for  your children
to grow taller.

Admirer, boyish
cavalier dude,
entices felid girls,
haughty ingénues.


Knowledgeable ladies.
Meanwhile notice obstinate
Parisians, quaffing red sweet tipples
under velvet weather —
Xebecs yachting zestfully.

And another!
Absolutely breathless
creating diurnal, eternal
fantasies –
going hard,
incessantly jaunty.
Knowledge livening
many narrow
onward  paths quietly
rewarding steady
Useful vantages
xeriscaped yaird zones.

The cooking has proved challenging as well as creative. Many of the base recipes we’re using are British so grams and mls and such requiring deft conversion into servings. Leading to such questions as: “if this has 500 grams of lemon juice and 270 grams of eggs and 270 grams of sugar, how many servings do you think we’ll get if each serving is 1/3 cup?”

So far, we’ve made
Lemon/elderflower posset
Three kinds of truffles (Pimms, chocolate/ale, Stilton and port)
Lemon curd for dehydrating
Rhubarb ice
Poached rhubarb (it’s in season)
Chocolate syrup for use in a chocolate/berry cocktail
and assorted garnishes.

The kitchen awash

The kitchen awash





Truffle filling

Truffle filling

More to come tomorrow.