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We’ve started our bathroom project. A down to the studs remodel of a 1920s bathroom not quite as old as our 1907 house. The creative parts have happened: choosing color schemes, tile and general look and feel. This is now the time for brawny young men colluding with sledgehammers and crow bars to get down to the lath and plaster.

This is by far the largest project we have undertaken in our house and I’m suitably nervous. There’s a certain nostalgic kick for the bathroom as it is but it’s functionality has gone down hill. Almost all of the plumbing fixtures leak and the shower reminds me of the worst dorm shower you have ever set foot in. I even want to wear flip flops in it and I clean it.

NaPoWriMo has been speeding along, my poetry colleagues have been putting out some lovely, insightful, and thoughtful poems. I’ve personally hit a bit of poetry gridlock but I keep doing it. Past the fear of not good enough.

That fear now being channeled a bit into this project

Some bathroom befores:



The demo guys sizing things up



Teeny tub, even for me at 5’2″


And the state of affairs after day 1


Goodbye sink


Goodbye tub




My favorite things: plumbing fixtures from the tub and the floor

My favorite things: plumbing fixtures from the tub and the floor

The plastic wrapped portion of the front hall for dust containment:


Finally, a bit of poetry

Who knew a bathroom could hold memories
now that it’s being demolished wisps
are coming out of the lath and plaster
a small number of clogged up stories

early on, we painted the baby-shit brown
walls, the first thing we did wondering
who in their right mind would paint
a color dirtier than ground

I rushed in years later something pushing
its way involuntarily out, out
slipping like a small fish in a narrow
passageway, something I was losing

Then a few years on the same sensation
with different results, as flooding
signaled an abrupt conclusion
to the end of a more typical gestation

I blush to remember this one
we had only a tub in the house before
and the separate shower made for more
possible bathing fun

We rocked the house and now the house rocks
us, the walls shake with tiles falling
the lath and plaster will soon be gone
new stories will have to be restocked.

It’s a big project.

with more to come! Linda