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Although juggling chainsaws would be kind of amazing.

Some days I’m not even paying attention to my self-imposed creativity challenge. This is easy to do in April with Napowrimo in full swing. I know I will have to sit down sometime and write something. What comes out seems less important than instilling the practice of listening and writing.

This past weekend I juggled quite a few projects. I think sometimes the idea of juggling things has been a pejorative but a truly gifted jongleur manages, with just her hands and the laws of physics, to keep quite a number of objects in play. And entertain along the way.

You can take your pick which objects(s) you might want to keep track of.

Was it flowers that I created for an event?




The bathroom project (Okay, I admit that’s not my creativity at this point!) And demo day 3?

No more ceiling

No more ceiling


No more floor

No more floor


No more framing for windows and doors

No more framing for windows and doors

Style?  (with my dear husband)


Photo by David Kinder


Theater of a sort?


Mummers Play: Photo by David Kinder

Or poetry?

King of Wands

the sky’s the limit
but I’ll have to walk through fire to get to it.
past the lion with the gaping joy
past all enduring in the desert of no return

my desire for you must be purified.
my desire for you must be tested
passion is the crucible
where I must sit
deliberating my self-righteousness

Virtue must be melted

transmuted, heated,
vanity must give up it’s embrace

before we can be won.
Of course, I think I have to track them all!