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It’s the last day of NaPoWriMo and I and my poet friends are working on our last poems for the month!  I’m also preparing for MayDay when dancers all over the world get up at dawn to dance up the sun.

And it’s Hat Attack tomorrow.

Oh my!

So no construction photos today (they are all looking boringly alike given that the room is down to the studs) but….

Black redhatI’m ready for hat’s tomorrow.

And ready for poems today:

Ungive the winter
we are finally spring
the cold rain thaws into flowers
and sumersmells embrace the nose

The gift of winter has unbound us
the clinkerbells and dogglers
the ickles and tankles have
dripped their slow taste back
into the earth, pooling for summer

Make way the May
make way the may

And here’s my last year MayDay poem

When I wake up
Tomorrow morn it’s
To the fields I’ll dance
The dawn
There’ll be no room for poetry
Although with luck
The day itself will be.

So hale and hearty fellows met
Through days of words we’ve
Plodded, blest.
The month is o’er
now put to rest.
To Mayday morn!
We toast