Now that NaPoWriMo is over I’m finding it a bit more difficult to stick to my avowed goal of a creative thing a day.  Even though I have given myself very broad parameters there are days when I’m just not feeling “it” or when I’m too busy with the tasks of daily life to shoehorn something else in. Plus, I procrastinate.

And with the bathroom project there’s a lot of distraction when I work from home.

I think I’m still managing a creative look at day, for example, here’s what I wore Tuesday.


Coatdress circa the 80s maybe

Coatdress circa the 80s maybe

But style is not totally where I want to hang my creative hat. So, we’ll see what today brings.

And a final note — a quote a just stumbled on by Albert Einstein  ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.’”

I think I might just put that hat back on.