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Our bathroom project progresses. A down to the studs remodel on a bathroom from the 1920s.

The creative work is actually somewhat past – picking out tile, tile colors and design elements.  i’ve relaxed a bit in my obsession about design as brawny young men colluding with sledgehammers and pry bars got down to the lath and plaster.

Plumbing bits are in place — the tub has been holding water for going on 4 days ( I assume this is a kind of test).  Tile boxes are now piled up in the hallway waiting the next steps.



I understand now why people take obsessive pictures of the remodels when it looks like nothing has changed at all to the untrained eye.  Activity IS happening.  Change is working it’s magic.

Because when you go from this


to this


Ah the tub.

Ah the tub.

Documentation seems in order. Of course, the finished product is yet to come.


PS More progress since I originally wrote this post.  Shower tile is now complete! (it’s a little brighter in the pix due to the flash)

And I attempted a villanelle on the project:


in complaint of things
This project has taken over the house
the extremes of clutter uncontained.
With papers everywhere, I grouse

Focal objects once prized  are trounced
by the scattering of the mundane.
This project has taken over the house

Grumbles pile up ounce by pound
where is my…. he complains
under papers, anywhere, I grouse

It’s only the bathroom claims my spouse
yet every floor feels dust engrained.
This project has taken over the house

Our treasures turn to clutter, impinging on us
as moving things once again I ascertain
this project has taken over the house —
with papers everywhere I grouse.