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Because I was traveling for three weeks and much of it in the company of 10 others I found, not to my surprise, that writing took a back seat.  We’re back in Portland now and I find I have much to catch up on.  But as it’s August 1, Judith’s Hat Attack is on my mind and so that’s where we’ll start. With a photo at home in a hat.

Last year I was preparing for an August trip with my family. This year July found me in Venice and then England with my dance team (we are all gathered below — I am not wearing a hat.

We spent four days in the Gloucester area and 5 days on a canal boat. Did I mention there were 11 of us?

When our kids were little, travel had a somewhat slower pace as we needed to adjust to their needs. Now I find that I’m anxious to absorb as much as possible and so days start early and end late.  Last year I really noticed how being with and in groups of people taxed my reserves.  Even though I like, even LOVE the social elements apparently I need some ration of down days, though I haven’t quite figured out what the ratio is.

Reflecting on what’s happened is also important to me and I find travel does not necessary lend itself to writing or reflection.  I could have said no I’ll stay home, but I guess I didn’t want to miss anything when my husband or teammates took off for an adventure. Yet lack of balance in what I need (versus what I want) can make me a very cranky person!

I hope to have more dollops about the trip in the weeks to come.  If I’m not swept up in the current of today.

Heading off to Judith’s for the latest Judith’s Hat Attack