I came up with the blog post title last week when I was contemplating how time had gotten away from me. My writing practice similarly has slipped sideways, left behind in a tumult of “very important” other things. Apparently I’m easily distracted which is not a good thing when one is trying to shift their approach to life and livelihood.

So what distracted me last week was a resurgence of potential work in my field (consulting and training with nonprofit organizations). A colleague contacted me to join her in bidding on a significant training project. I had to wrap my head around a project scope and scale (not to mention logistics) that caught my rusty brain off-guard. Back to technical writing of a sort.

And what about my pledge to the one creative act a day?

My catalogue is pretty empty for August as it was in July. July was travel and as full of wonder that was, it depleted my creative account in ways I didn’t expect. Some days I barely pulled a creative thought out of my mind, let alone act on them, although I was surrounded by creative (art! music! museums!) for most days. I guess being an observer rather than a participant interestingly enough, doesn’t foment creativity – at least not in me.

I’ve not been totally asleep in August however. I was awarded a small grant for what I’m calling a “people’s production” for the opening of the new Orange Line – a light rail transit line in Portland. This 45 minute piece combines songs from the Portland State University community choir made up of faculty, staff and alumni, and morris dances from Renegade Rose morris. I’m even writing a new dance for the team to celebrate the Line. This is almost but not quite giving me sleepless nights – lots of people are still out of town so it’s difficult to rehearse. Performance is Sept 12 in Portland if you happen to be here (or live here). You can’t miss us, we’ll be dressed in orange T shirts (not my best color or look but hey you gotta do what you gotta do for art). Although I suspect so will a lot of other people.

The storm that blew rain (finally) into our part of the world has also blown away the cobwebs. More words may be the result. This will count has my creative act for today (I hope) while this outfit was my creative act for Friday (Saturday and Sunday involved cooking as my creative check off).


Tomorrow it’s time for Judith’s Hat Attack one of the best places to be on the first of any month.