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Clothes swap set up

I hosted a clothes swap aka “naked ladies” party on Friday. I have to say my sense of frivolity was dampened by the recent shooting in my home state. But I went ahead.

Frivolity and pain co-exist, like beauty and ugliness. But that’s a topic for another day.

The point of “shop my closet” was to clean out MY closet. And maybe get a few new things. Now getting rid of my things is a bit problematic as I’m on the smallish size and most (all?) of my friends are bigger than I am. I’m happy to report that this does not impede a clothes swap whatsoever. Nor do my clothes just sit untaken. All kinds of sizes show up. And perhaps not surprisingly, you never know what you might find and fit into. It’s a great way to push the style envelop as it costs nothing to shop and if you really don’t like something, you can bring it to the next swap or send it to your local charity.

Three rooms in my house were filled with clothing. Dresses and skirts in the bedroom with the full length mirror (a must), pants in the living room, and tops in the dining room.

I served light refreshments and style “consulting” for a few friends. It was great fun. As I mentioned I got a handful of wonderful things including a selection of new hats (thank you Anitra). A picture of those will be forthcoming.

I highly encourage you to put on this kind of event. Give your friends some good amount of notice so they can start collecting things. Although some of my friends are more “stylin’” than others I basically invite anyone who I think would enjoy the swap. About two weeks before remind everyone. You don’t need to serve refreshments. I did because of the timing (5:30 on).

I had two regular racks and one make-shift rack of my own. Someone brought another rack. I find hanging things better for viewing than just tossing things in piles (I’ve been to swaps like that too and they are fun as well).

More set-up, a fraction of the clothes involved.

More set-up, a fraction of the clothes involved.




What about the leftovers? You can “require” people to take back what they brought but this can be difficult as things are quite disorganized by the end. I’ll be taking the better items, suits, coats, etc. to my local Dress for Success and the rest to another charity. I’ve also left the swap “open” for a few more days for drop-ins and had 3 friends visit in this way. I really, really, want to get rid of as much as possible!

Happy shoppers

Happy shoppers



Small as these efforts are, I feel like events like these temper life, adding a bit of sweet to the bitter that often comes our way.