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A little twinge of fear

Have you ever climbed a tree?

What happens when you go out on a limb? A sturdy branch will hold you but a thin limb, reaching to a piece of fruit just outside your grasp, might bend to the ground, might even break. The fruit is so tempting though. And so you reach.

I’ve been going out on limbs lately. Putting myself “out there” as unapologetically as possible. Feeling my impossible weight of being and insecurities. Inching slowly along the branch to reach the fruit, the prize.

But before I get to it, there are things I must do.

In the course of six months I have entered three different sorts of “competitions”, submitted a piece of poetry (well I’ve been submitting a lot but this was a contest of sorts); wrote a proposal for a performance piece; and entered a floral competition. What do you know all three of these put me out on that limb.

The latest to come through is the floral event. Inhale. In a month, a floral design piece of mine will be on display at the Lan Su Chinese Garden for a celebration of the November Chrysanthemum Moon (I love how moons are named after events or things).

I will now have to deliver. My plans must get solidified. Tested and then maybe tested again. And again. To move concept to reality can be trivial. Or it can take the full weight of our being.

Just the right amount of adrenaline focuses our attention. And in that little twinge of fear there is a shiver of excitement.



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