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Samhain was the twin festival to Beltane (or Mayday) and represented the close of the year. The Celts believed (as did many other peoples) that at certain times of the year the boundary between living and dead was at its thinnest. The dead could walk amongst us or at least see, hear, and partake of the feasts of the living, hence the traditions of leaving gifts of food, drink and tobacco on graves. The living too could see and hear the mysteries of the dark side and so could both touch the “good” of the other side through divination but were more at risk of interception by fairies and malevolent spirits.

Yesterday my Morris dance group danced down the sun. We dance up the sun on Mayday so it’s seems only fitting to bring the year to a close as we head into the darkest time.

Joining up with Judith’s Hat Attack for a little more light in my life on this stormy Nov. 1.


Getting ready to dance