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in the pink5

We’re hurtling towards Thanksgiving , it seems to me. While I don’t like the speed of time as I get older, I am looking forward to a space that has peace to it as the past two weeks have been so full of woe. In these circumstances I look for small graces – found objects of beauty, or acts of kindness. My found objects today are actually style related, in honor of Visible Monday. Much of my outfit is of “found” character – my sister just gave me the skirt which is a bit big around the waist but rides my hips just fine, the blouse was found at my sisters’ favorite thrift shop, the sweater given to me by a friend who found it at the 39 cent sale, I made the hat with various fabric scraps and the boots came courtesy of a show I’m in.

We’re having thirteen or so friends over to break bread and share our thanks. May you all be able to take the space and time to do so.