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Pink Week

Before the early green
of every other kind of tree
The plums and cherries bring
their pink to Knott street

Stand on one end to view
the stretch of blossoms new
that arch the boulevard
turn pink our Knott street

For two weeks, maybe three
while other plants still sleep
the gentle petals sway
the length of Knott street

Then some brisk winds arise
March lions take us by surprise
a flurry of pink petals fall
littering the whole street

Then the yellows and the greens
appropriate the spring
which now is in full finery
the 20 blocks of Knott street.

I wonder, as the leaves accrete,
How many springs will yet I see:
the greening of the sleeping earth
the weeks of pink on Knott Street.



I have this vague recollection that I wrote about pink week last year but can’t seem to find the post. This is one of the most pleasant harbingers of spring in my neighborhood.  Please enjoy whether I’ve “rerun” the episode or not.

Spring is coming. Take heart.