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I’m always a little giddy when we have our winter party – the Chautauqua that I wrote about last year  https://travelindigo.wordpress.com/2015/02/09/february-when-the-seeds-of-inspiration-stir/.  Although our date was a little later, I might declare 2016 as the best Chautauqua ever as our house overflowed with talent, excitement and beauty.

This brown faux fur dress has been in my possession for a very, very long time. The shoes belonged to my godmother.


Another fabulous party dress (and swank guy too)

Another fabulous party dress (and swank guy too)


Guests in the dining room after things have thinned out a bit.

I swear the walls of our house get thicker in spirit with the love and talent (and music) of friends.

Heading over to check out the looks at Visible Monday.