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It’s National Poetry Writing month (or NAPOWRIMO — see napowrimo.net) and for the 4th year running I and a small cadre of friends have formed a virtual poetry group to write more, read more, and consider more words. So I hope to get more words wrung out on blog pages as well.  I’ve made these kinds of resolutions before and sometimes even figure out how to carry them out.

So fair warning…. April’s posts like April weather will be a diverse lot. Sometimes poetry, sometimes fashion, and sometimes who knows, maybe the garden will pop up as April is promising to firmly evolve into spring here.

March gentled out into some sunny days and warmer temperatures while garden projects performed by the newly retired husband are taking shape and root.   I’m excited what this new month will bring.

Today’s fashion glance involves hats (for Judith’s Hat Attack) —  a funny straw beret with a topknot.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that I went through a “black” period. My closet is now rainbow filled and I seem to have a special affinity for this spring green.

april green

april green2

I had hoped to get a new camera for the new year. It may still happen. So collecting ideas from you seasoned bloggers for a reasonably priced one.

Have a great month.


Hat courtesy of my friend Anitra, shirt from a clothes swap, skirt from my sister, silk scarf (with teeny bells) from a trip to India, cool tights from I don’t know where! And store bought (new) boots.