If April had 28 days we would be halfway through NAPOWRIMO. But not quite.

I have, as usual, been stunned, awed, and made silent by the poems my fellows have crafted and shared this month in my April Poems group. So my offering today is a kind of thanks.

It is based (loosely) on a 7 line Chinese san san poem.

Each poem, a piece of dark chocolate

rests on the mind, the flavor melts

released into the far reaches of the dendrites.

Each phrase, fashioned tightly, a distillate

of every feeling place, the unpeeled thought now shell’d

We see ever more clearly in hindsight

Each poem a shylock.

I’m also putting up another. Some times the thoughts of friends and family who have passed come into my mind randomly, unbidden. This poem is about one of those friends who memory doesn’t visit me often. I don’t always work with rhyme schemes but NaPoWriMo nudges me to experiment.

April 13 – Catherine

Catherine’s been dead for years now I don’t know how many
I have a picture of her from our baby shower
her eyes bright as fresh blueberries
Tim on her lap, reaching for her hair.
He was a case of immaculate deception
of his father, Catherine would never tell
she was always falling for the misconception
of the wrong man, rightly placed.
Tim’s father might have been the lumberjack
or the bloke from Ireland’s one night stand
he might have been the carpet Iraq
married, spoken for, with children.
When she died, Tim was still a babe
handled from arm to arm, uncle to aunt
His father may have been sifted
from letters kept in shoebox confidence.

He keeps his mother’s picture near
her eyes bright with undiscarded tears.


I’ve been enjoying our spring weather and my change of wardrobe. More on that to come.