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New yellow skirt and funny hat

yellow skirt beige hat5

Such a plebian title for a post. But then I’m a bit exhausted after 2 weeks of travel to NYC and Chicago.

And nonstop days they were as NYC tended to mean visiting two – three boroughs in a day: from the couturier exhibit at the Met to a dance performance in Prospect Park; from Ellis Island to Wave Hill; and finally from thunderstorms to Chicago and the relative peace of my parent’s house. Relative to NY anyway as I was nonstop cooking, cleaning and driving.

Although I didn’t have foray into the NYC thrift and vintage shops that Judith at Style Crone and Patti at Not Dead yet Style visit, I did have my own “shopping” fun – and it’s decidedly cheaper. I know I’ve written before about my sisters and their love of clothes. And how their cast-offs often make it into my suitcase. This time was no exception.  I also had the added benefit on this trip of shopping my daughter’s closet as she’s soon to head to west Africa to begin her dissertation research.  These three women are really not exactly my size (my sisters and daughter are bigger in the chest, my daughter is taller than I am, and my sisters are more variable in weight).  Nonetheless, it’s surprising what I can fit into.

black shirt7

Black silk shirt, “flight attendant” hat

So I’m highlighting three things I took home in this post.  A lovely yellow chiffon silk skirt, a black ruffled silk shirt and an African print top (for which I must move the button or remove a rib – I like the first option better). I also picked up a suit jacket (the skirt is way to small) at one of my thrift stops in Chicago. Alas the store is closing but I got the suit and three books for $2.82!


African fabric top

While this post is rather lighthearted, the visits were not always so. My daughter, as I mentioned, is leaving for perhaps two years to another continent and although she’s been gone before, it grieves my heart a bit.  My parents are struggling with the negative effects of aging and my dad’s cognition issues and dementia. Another sobering note.

But my head is still on top of my shoulders and I’m grateful to have levity in my life whether  it’s from hats (see Judith’s Hat Attack) or my garden or the love of my family.

Happy August.