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Turkey! and a crafty, cleaning weekend

A quiet Thanksgiving around our house gave rise to house cleaning (it really needed it), close sorting (getting ready for a clothes swap in a week), anticipatory baking, and a craft project.

The craft project had its roots in a chance encounter with a product at the local wholesale floral market.  My partner in crafty doings, Linda, and I spied this Advent calendar:




There was a sleeve for each of the 24 days, and a card in each sleeve. The meditative thoughts and activities were geared toward adults.  Because the cards had a decidedly religious bent, we decided to develop our own, based on themes and activities that we brainstormed.


We were rather late to the game with this project as it was something we should have started in September if not earlier.  We had to figure out the card sleeves and make them which included getting a hold of appropriate decorative paper.  Luckily Portland has a great resource, SCRAP and we were able to buy a lot of discarded scrapbook paper for a minimal cost, as well as the envelopes that would be the basis for our card sleeves.  We also had to find and transcribe poems, connect them to the themes we generated, and also link activities to those themes.  All this in basically ten days time so we could get the finished product in the mail by Nov. 26.

Our final product looks like this:


And here’s an example of our themed cards.

adventcard65Linda and I made ten sets total. I’m hopeful that  my recipients will find the calendar a useful and hopeful tool in this winter of diminishing light.  The wheel of the year swings round to its lowest point in December, and then the light, and hope, begin to grow again.

May your days ahead be full of the wonder of waiting for the turn of the year.