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And I’ve not been quite answering.  I realize it is Jan 3 but I have one foot still left in the old year as I ready to leave my parent’s house and the site of 2016 holiday festivities.  There’s still so much to tidy up from 2016 that I’m not quite ready to step into the new year. And yet, here it is and there’s no stopping it. When I set foot back on the west coast this evening, I am certain I will arrived in the new year.

My visit here included, as usual, a bit of thrifting. I’ll be featuring my finds in my next post when I’ll have time and inclination to write something a bit more inspired.

Heading over to Hat Attack where Judith always improves my mood. Featuring two headpieces I wore in 2016.0455_rheebeverephotography_hat-at-wedding

revels-commediaitaliana-dancing5-l-2Back to normal soon.  The days are getting longer — can the promise of spring be far behind?