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When it snows in the Pacific NW people tend to get a bit housebound and we are no exception. We were scheduled to go to Seattle for a Wassail party (for more about wassailing go to wassail and here ) but my anxiety about driving in snow and ice plus my need to work on my various online courses put a stop to our travels.




Thawing now

So we were stuck inside while ice pellets and silver thaw gathered around us. I was sorry to miss the party but finished up my course prep relatively stress free.  And then my mind had room to wander to more creative endeavors – like hats!

I had stumbled on a website and instructions for doing a felt feather hat (probably courtesy of Style Crone) and then did some web browsing where I found this site  The Closet Historian and a tutorial for a leaf hat.

That was enough to set me on my way.  I first drummed up this:


which I’ve embellished quite a good deal from it’s starting point of felt leaves.  I’m not quite happy with how it sits on my head so there’s not a picture of that yet.  I repurposed a headband and think maybe I need to find heavy gauge wire and create my own armature which would better fit my head.

These two are works in progress — and not the best pix at that. I had to get back to real work (imagine that) as my online students were beginning to post discussion items. And I had to get down to some mundane tasks as well. So creativity took a back seat for awhile. Better pictures will come when I’m done with them.



We did manage to wassail our own fruit trees and bless the house.  I don’t quite yet have cabin fever but am looking forward to the thaw. And wearing my new creations.


BTW I am looking for camera recommendations.  My trusty Canon is getting old although I want a simple point and shoot.

Stay sane if you’re housebound.  Winter won’t last forever!


Unbroken dreams of spring regard us in our hibernation
roots of remembrance tug in the mind, buried in sleep.
Smell spring in the slightly thawed earth,
in the dessicated flowers that have no right to bloom.
Against the frozen remains of winter.
we sense something fresh.