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Chautauqua 2017

The house is quieted now
Shed of the tired Christmas greens.
Candlemas has come and gone
Yet winter with its gloved grasp
Still tightens upon shrub and tree.

Make house (and winter) liven up
Invite to them some jovial folk
So clean and dress the rooms, do fuss
As winter rains beyond the door
Behind it we will spring invoke

Make music, laugh, and poems recite
In darkness holds the hope of light
The moon, the stars, the planets shine
Though hidden in the bright of day
At night their beaming does ignite.

And quiet houses blaze awake.


Our annual winter attempt to stave off cabin fever and celebrate the talents of our friends went off without a hitch last night, in spite of my travel schedule. Forty people joined together in our brightly lit rooms with a range of performance and art.  This year we even went international, skyping in a friend from New Zealand and hearing her perform for the first time.

I like to think this kind of thing harkens back to the days before people relied on outside activity to be entertained.  Too much of our art and performance these days is made for us to consume rather than create (even fashion, sigh) that to take matters into our own hands seems almost unusual or even revolutionary.  I am grateful to have talented friends but even those without tangible “talent” have something to give and/or present.  My scientist friend draws comics/cartoons.  My stage manager friend has a flair for making delicious pies.  In fact this whole party is premised on people “strutting their stuff” – whatever they feel they are proud of and want to put out to friends and strangers.

Oh and the other reason for this party…. I get to wear the party clothes I never get to wear.




Most decked out couple


The audience. The screen on the left side is my New Zealand friend being skyped in.


More beauties


The hostess – me!

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