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The last month or so have been as full of as much ups and downs as the weather.  My dad passed away about a month ago after first a gradual and then steep decline due to Alzheimer’s. He was 88 and would have been 89 in May.  I will write more about that some other time as I’m still processing the experience.  I came home with a basket full of his ties to be transmuted into something new.

But this post is about spring and flowers and creating beauty from just a few bits and bobs. I was invited to present a demonstration at our local Chinese Garden, as I did last fall.  This time I took my inspiration from Asian floral design and the emphasis on line in that design tradition. Line is also quite evident in spring’s floral emergence.  There are few banks or masses of flowers at this time in the garden. Just gentle sweeps of branches in bloom or very small clumps of bulbs. Yes some gardens have ‘drifts” of bloom but that’s usually reserved for very large borders.


                Setting up

In action

Finished products

At the end. Not my best look but it was cold.

Foraging your own material was another lodestar.  I wanted people to know that with just a few branches, shrubs and flowers they could create something of beauty.

It can be that way in our personal style and dress as well. No need to go over the top with color or design. A simple, well put together outfit with a small punctuation might be all that’s needed to be right for the day.

Heading to Visible Monday with this outfit. Thrifted sweater, gifted skirt, new boots!