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Oh my, it is April! when the ground really springs to life and spring is clearly in view. It’s been an odd, long, gloomy winter here in the Pacific Northwest.  I’m looking forward to sun, greenery, and nature’s beauty to reinvigorate life.

There’s a lot happening today.  One of my favorite spring recurrences is National Poetry Writing Month. For the past few years a group of friends, acquaintances and strangers come together in a small group named “April Poets” to share our word wanderings for the month.  The goal is to write a poem a day. I also link up to Napowrimo for inspiration.  I also sometimes post things here, if I’m feeling especially proud of my work.

Look for the haibun, a style of poem beginning with prose and ending with a haiku, at the end of this post.

It’s also the latest Hat Attack courtesy of the absolutely fabulous Judith. Head over there and take a peak even if fashion is not your thing, Judith’s posts are thoughtful and sometimes thought provoking. and a bit of peak into the back garden. I think I match the greenery.

The hiabun

My dad’s funeral

It wasn’t sad it all, nor the wake.  We were waking the living, those of us that remained.  Some people were surprised that there weren’t more tears. Not even hushed conversation, we wondered what the funeral folk thought of us with our slide show and so many pictures, some repurposed from my brother’s funeral but few people knew that.  Even my mom was almost buoyant, behind her the closed casket because, uncannily, my dad looked more like his least favorite brother than himself.  We were all firm about that. It was too strange, he had lost so much weight in his face and you could see the outlines of his rib cage even though they had done their best to plump him up. He was never a big man to begin with, at least not in stature. In soul, that is another story.

Four orphan children
Blackbirds on a rare scarecrow
Rest in thin stillness

I think this post was a bit of a magpie’s feast. That’s what happens to me when spring is in the air. Enjoy what you like, ignore the rest!


PS I’ll be heading over to Visible Monday for more eclectic fashion.