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My friend Anitra has turned me on to the 35 cent sale at a local thrift store.  My finds this weekend (besides purple clothing articles to turn into scraps for a project) included these beauties:

I think I might have a thing for skirts! I also don’t know if these all will fit as I haven’t tried them on yet. But at $.35 who can argue.

I do love thrifting however, the following poem might be a bit unsettling for the fastidious reader. Not all thrift experiences are like this I assure you and upcycling and thrifting have many benefits both to you and to the planet.

April 3 Thrifting w/ Anitra

It’s a vast basement, I always want
to wash my hands (take a shower really)
when I’m done – I saw a woman wearing gloves
and wondered if she knew something I didn’t.

Upstairs the aisles jumble with someone
else’s goods gone bad — still sturdy
if not clean. Their kindred, kicked downstairs –
hand-me-downs gone further down the
reject steps. $6.99 stripped, percentages
decreased, if you can’t sell for $3.49 it’s
to the cellar you go for thirty five cents.

(Tax free).

O these cast-offs culled,
Throwaways of the throwaways
Headed to Africa or the rag picker
if they still exist. Refuse, rebuffed.
So many blue jeans.
Large women’s clothes.
Pink girls’ dresses.
A poignant baby blanket.

I stuff my bag with curated articles
Someone’s loss is my vain gain.