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For NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo I share my poems not only through the blog but with a community of poets. We’ve been writing to/for each other since 2014 adding and subtracting members along the way. We are truly international with poets from Germany and New Zealand in the mix. Poems will fly into my inbox any time of the day or night and I especially love that I can wake up to poems freshly baked.

Breakfast of Champions

The first thing I do
is make a cup of coffee.
Though I tried to ween myself
I still need the morning jolt.

I used to unfold the newspaper
relish the feel of newsprint
the smell of ink that would
slightly stain my hands.

Now between my smoothie
and my soft boiled egg
I unwrap the poems of my friends.
Read them with a slow savor.

my mouth lingering on a phrase,
relishes a well blended sentence,
these cooks trade in words; dare me
to discern their secret ingredients

They are like cornflakes still crunchy,
like a smoothy blended drink,
like my morning egg – the sun
a hidden secret in the mild white.

I long to hone my taste buds
to supertaster strength
on the basis of these morsels.
They are the solid breakfast of my day.