I read a story in the morning paper that prompted this poem which is meant also to be in keeping with the NaPoWriMo prompt (a nine line poem).  I’m not totally happy with it but feel it’s off to a good start.


A little common humanity goes a long way*

 A man, an ordinary man
goes down to the grave of his only child.
Grieves a thirty year span,
thirty years a child frozen in time.
In that place, subterranean
other small graves dot the space
forgotten children in an insubstantial land.
Perhaps their memories are elsewhere filed
Where tears overwhelm each day’s demand.

He takes a teddy from a plain brown sack
an offering of deep love to his little lad.
Sees sixty three small graves with granite plaques
slight comfort to the never waking.
He places a small bear at each granite lack
marks a holy place for prayer or waiting,
where parents rest, to have their pain allayed.
In ordinary time, a man, a dad
observes a kindness; tempers grief’s attack


(*Steve Duin, The Oregonian April 9, 2017)