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My hunting expeditions are performed with my two hands and eagle eyes and occur primarily in thrift stores, Goodwill being one of them.  While in many ways I LOVE Goodwill, I am finding their prices getting higher and higher. I also have some objections to their policies which seem to place a premium on paying their Executive Director.  I’m teach nonprofit management and have worked in the nonprofit world for many years and while I believe nonprofit executives should be paid fairly, some Exec’s are paid on the scale of a corporation with a vast differential between the highest paid and lowest paid employees which looks to me like taking advantage of people. But that is a topic for another post and I’ll get off my soapbox now!

More recently I shopped the 35 cent sale at a local (for profit) thrift joint – The Better Bargains store – and thought I would highlight some of my finds. In between the poetry for this year’s Napowrimo I have to do other things (well some I don’t “have to” do): work, celebrations, and such like.  I had occasion to wear two of my 35¢ finds this past week and thought I’d sneak in a post featuring these.

More of my porch got into this photo than I would like. The dress was from the sale, the shoes from Venice, the hat and jacket from who knows wear (actually I think I bought the jacket thrifting with my sisters in Chicago.)

I’m still getting the hang of my new camera and occasion blurriness results. 35¢ sale find on the skirt (all silk!), swapped shirt and boots a costume bit from a production I was in.

I plan to sneak in another post or two on topics other than poetry this month.  Til then, I’m joining the fun at Patti’s Visible Monday. I’ve also signed up for the April Alternative Challenge at Thrift Shop Commando.


PS Will be posting today’s poem later. As soon as I’ve written it!